An enterprising and charitable update…

Apr 7, 2021 | Building the Emily Collins School - Latest news

Many of you will know all about us fundraising to help Our Father’s House Ministries (OFHM) build the kindergarten school, nursery, infirmary and community centre to help the vulnerable children in Kisoro who currently are at risk by living on the streets. And OFHM asked if they could name it after our daughter Emily Collins who died in 2017. What many of you will not know is that OFHM already support around 100 children in Rukungiri. Some of them are reaching an age where they will be leaving school and obviously we are all aware that to give them the best opportunity in life they need an education and possibly a trade.

To this end, one of dearest friends and sponsors donated a complete workshop of woodworking machinery and tools which we shipped out to OFHM late last year. And she has also funded the development of the training facility as this enterprise is completely separate to the school fundraising.

Martin Duhimbaze the founder of OFHM has now acquired some land and had it cleared to set up the workshop and found a very kindly workshop manager to come in and train some staff to set it up as a training facility and a commercial enterprise. Its primary objective is to train young people in woodworking skills but to enable it to be self funding Martin is hoping that they may even be able to make and supply some of the doorframes, doors, window frames, windows and perhaps some of the basic furniture for the school…

Now that is what I call initiative! We pray for your continued support for the Emily Collins School

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All proceeds from donations go directly to the ‘The Emily Collins School’ in Africa.