Help us to raise money; all proceeds from my photography help build ‘The Emily Collins School ‘

Mounted prints that will make a difference…

Mounted prints that will make a difference…

Over the last 10 years my passion for wildlife developed into an interest in photography and now I want that to contribute to something more…

A bit about how my journey took Sarah and I to Uganda

When Emily died in 2017, Sarah and I decided to semi retire and focus on travelling the world as Emily had done. I’d worked as an independent management consult for almost 30 years and Sarah although a qualified Biochemist and Marketeer had been working as a Personal Tutor teaching French to people of all ages.

I had always been a keen amateur photographer from an early age and, indeed, I bought a Halina 35x camera with my first ever paypacket! As Sarah will testify, many cameras and lenses have come and gone since!

Our overseas travels since then have seen us backpacking to various areas of the amazon rainforest in Ecuador, Bolivia and Peru. We also trekked over the Andes whilst in Peru, travelled the length and breadth of India by bus, train and plane and hiked in the Himalayas in Nepal and North East India. We’ve also driven across Western Canada with our daughter Olivia and we all hiked in the Rockies and even visited glaciers in Alaska. We’ve driven around Uganda againand sailed the whole of the Galapagos Islands on a converted fishing boat and backpacked around Costa Rica and Nicaragua all with the aim of photographing wildlife to raise awareness of our cause…

My backpacks have mainly contained my photographic gear (and a few clothes) and heavy though it has been I’ve managed to carry it and take photographs of wildlife everywhere we’ve travelled to.

Until this project to build the Emily Collins School became a reality I had never printed even one of my photographs but following encouragement from friends I have put on a photographic exhibition at The Beacon at St. Mary’s Church Ferndown. I am using the mounted prints to fundraise for the school by asking people to donate at least £25 per print.

A few years ago, I became a photographer for Pains Fireworks. I travel to sports events to take photographs of their pyrotechnic displays in return for donations to the Emily Collins School, so if you’d like me to to take photographs of or for you in the studio or on location in exchange for donations to the Emily Collins School then please feel free to contact me.





Please contact us to find out how you can help or donate.

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