Day 19#20 Greetings Cards

Jun 29, 2021 | Greetings Cards - 'Every Picture Tells a Story'

Sometimes we have to travel across the world to get the photos we want and other times our quarry is on our doorstep! So, when I had this idea to take photos of more exotic birds than we usually find in the UK I started thinking of Siberian Eagle owlets and I was expecting to have to travel to Siberia or if I was lucky it would only have to go to Northern Europe to capture images of them. However after speaking to an expert friend of mine in Southampton, who has a number of owls and flies them at exhibitions, I found that there were a few rescued Owlets at Liberty’s Owl sanctuary in Ringwood. Well, what a result! So I put the passport back in the cupboard and my savings back in the bank and booked a photographic opportunity with Liberty’s…. As you can see, they didn’t let me down. I spent an entire morning taking lots of ‘owl’ photos but my favourites, by far, were of the Siberian Eagle owlets – They were such characters as you can see. Funny that?! Every picture tells a story eh?!

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