Day 20#20 Greetings Cards

Jul 2, 2021 | Greetings Cards - 'Every Picture Tells a Story'

They say ‘all good things must come to an end’ don’t they and this is certainly true here as we come to the final image we used for the greetings cards for 2021. We’ve travelled across the world to find interesting subjects to grace the cards that you guys send to your friends and family. The pandemic has certainly encouraged many of us to keep in touch with our loved ones and receiving a hand written card from a dear friend, or even a stranger is simply far more satisfying than receiving the same message electronically.

So today’s card brings back special memories for Sarah and me as we remember visiting Ziwa Rhino Sanctuary in Uganda in 2016 with Emily and her close friend Ellie (Ellie also delivered a personal eulogy at Emily’s remembrance service). It was a very special day as we had driven from the far North West of Uganda and were en-route to Jinja in the South East, but couldn’t miss the opportunity to visit one of the country’s premier wildlife sanctuaries. What makes it more poignant in a year that we have planned to return to Uganda is that although Ziwa Rhino Sanctuary is a private, non-profit, rescue sanctuary for rhinos I read recently that it had been closed to the public temporarily. The Ugandan government say it has taken this action because of an increase in attacks on the rhinos by poachers and therefore, with it closed it could better protect the Rhinos.

Our visit necessitated a safari ‘on foot’ with a guide armed with nothing more than a stick. He was a wonderfully knowledgeable, committed and caring local guide and managed to get us relatively close to the rhino although we were never close enough to disturb them. In this photo there are only two rhinos but within a few minutes two more joined them and we witness four rhinos all huddling together in the mud pool. A special moment also captured on camera and available as a print.

And so that brings our ‘Every Picture Tells a Story’ theme to a close but obviously it is not the end to us raising money to build the Emily Collins School in Uganda. All 20 images are FREE (in exchange for a donation) are in stock and available in assorted packs of 10 greeting cards. There are also prints available or you can join the growing list of people who donate monthly by standing order.

Thank you for reading ‘Every Picture Tells a Story’ and thank you Rod Stewart for inspiring the title! (Photo of Rod in a 1971 advert for his album of the same name!)

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All proceeds from donations go directly to the ‘The Emily Collins School’ in Africa.