Greeting Card 13#20

Mar 16, 2021 | Greetings Cards - 'Every Picture Tells a Story'

Day13#20 It must be raining again because I am back here in front of the computer screen during the day instead of out and about with my camera..Almost everyone I know says ‘Aw’ when they see this photo of a sloth bear and her cub! We were backpacking in Bolivia and travelling in a truck from Rurrenabaque to the Yacuma River in the Amazon Rainforest in search of the plentiful wildlife to see and photograph. It sounds idyllic doesn’t it but for a couple of hours of our journey we were driving along a gravel track which was the equivalent of six lanes wide. It was a service road being built by the Chinese to reach a dam building project deep in the rainforest. It was awful to see and very upsetting for our local indigenous guide, who until only a few years ago was living deep in the forest without any modern facilities, running barefooted and hunting with a bow and arrow….He changed, not because he wanted to, but for him and his young family to survive.As we drove through the dust he pulled over and showed us this mother and her cub literally 2 metres from the new gravel road. Her environment had been destroyed and she had been displaced. She was saved by locals and moved into the nearest tree and yet, despite her situation, she and her cub retained that permanent smile they always seem to wear. It was a poignant moment on our journey into the Rainforest…. And, it reminds me that what you see does not always represent the reality it is only what you perceive it to be!

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