Greetings Card 11#20

Mar 14, 2021 | Greetings Cards - 'Every Picture Tells a Story'

Day11#20 For this greeting card image let’s head north from South America to Western Canada and a road trip that we undertook in 2019. While we were staying in our camper van for a few days in Telegraph Cove on the eastern/inside coast Vancouver Island, I took a wildlife trip on a small boat with Rip Tide Adventure to see grizzly and black bears as they came out of hibernation. En route we also came across orcas, humpback whales, deer swimming between islands, bald eagles and harbour seals. So it was a busy trip and my favourite part of the day was standing on a small floating pontoon rocking on the waves trying to photograph bears on the banks about 100 yards away (the nearest you are allowed to get). So, armed with my longest lens I concentrated on this mother grizzly bear with her two cubs. They were very wary of a couple of huge male bears about 50 yards away behind them and so the cubs stayed safely hidden down in the long grass for long periods. However, she did turn around for a moment allowing me to grab this photo although only one cub rose up at the same time. Frustrating to say the least but at least this gives me a reason to return to this fantastically beautiful and wildlife rich environment.

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