Greetings Card 12#20

Mar 15, 2021 | Greetings Cards - 'Every Picture Tells a Story'

Day12#20 I took a couple of days off posting incase it was boring the pants off you all. However, I’m back and hopefully the stories are not too boring?! Aw, I hear you sigh… you’ll have seen this before because I used it as the front cover of this year’s harvest mouse calendar. Last year the mouse calendar sold out within a few days and so for this year I enlisted the help of local photographer Dean Mason who has a hide in Wimborne where he runs sessions in his bird hide and offers the opportunity to photography his fantastic, yet tiny harvest mice. I loved taking photos of them…The mice are very well looked after, clearly very healthy and obviously love climbing all over the flowers, plants and branch props. If you can get a session there you will not regret it. OK, so they are not true wildlife photos – that is taken in the wild, but they are photographed outside in a field and not in a studio. The results are so cute and people seem to love them so thank you for letting me photograph them and also for your help Dean Mason !This is now one of the greeting cards and there are still a few harvest mice calendars left if you’d like one!

All 20 images are in stock and available in assorted packs of 10 greeting cards. All of my images are also available as prints.

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