Greetings Card 2#20

Mar 5, 2021 | Greetings Cards - 'Every Picture Tells a Story'

No 2#20 Yesterday’s photograph was taken in the lush green landscape of northern Israel on the shores of Lake Galilee but this photograph was taken down in Southern Israel in a relatively inaccessible part of the incredibly rocky and barren landscape of the Negev Desert. We were out in a 4×4 with a guide and had stopped for a brew in the shade of the only tree in the whole desert. Sitting there on the ground sheltering from the intensity of the sun we were contemplating the thought that Abraham had wandered through this area and that Moses could have led the people of Israel through this very gully…. when this beautiful Hoopoe appeared from nowhere and scratched around on the ground for a few moments. I hadn’t seen one up this close before and was beguiled by its fanned crest and its busyness despite the midday heat….

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