Greetings Cards 8#20

Mar 11, 2021 | Greetings Cards - 'Every Picture Tells a Story'

Day 8#20. Wow, we are flying around here, there and everywhere aren’t we? Dorset yesterday – Egypt today! After travelling downstream under sail (not an engine in sight) for five days on a Dahabiya from Luxor on to Aswan we spent a few more days exploring the area and the wildlife. We even spent a day in the presence of the one and only ‘Birdman of Aswan’, Mohamed Arabi. What a charming and knowledgable guide he is too… in the company of this charming man we spent much of the time pottering around the backwaters of the river around Aswan watching and photographing some of the huge number of indigenous wildlife, particularly those of the feathered variety. And, whilst several of the photos ended up on the calendar for 2021, I’ve chosen this photo of a felucca taken from Mohamed Arabi’s boat to feature as one of the greeting cards. Taken from a small boat I think I’ve managed to capture the true perspective and setting of this beautiful traditional boat, the like of which have sailed on the River Nile since the days of the Pharaohs… The soft golden light of the late afternoon enhances the mood and gives me a wonderful memory of the day.

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