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Nov 17, 2021 | Building the Emily Collins School - Latest news

It is a great honour to be supported by a world-wide company which designs, manufactures and supplies high quality photographic accessories especially when the office is here in West Parley!  …. Please click on the link above the photo below so you can enjoy reading my interview with Ian, its MD.

I get amazing support from these guys to help raise funds for The Emily Collins School….Thank you.


How photography is creating a future for street children in Uganda
How photography is creating a future for street children in Uganda

A few words from Vanguard …..Vanguard is a global company that designs and manufactures tripods, bags, sporting optics, and accessories. For over 30 years, our drive to disrupt mediocrity and commitment to innovation has allowed us to create the highest quality, innovative and feature packed products for photographers and outdoor enthusiasts at an affordable price.

This includes total product ownership – from idea to finished product – for unmatched quality control. Growing into a global leader since its founding in 1986, VANGUARD provides more than our competitors because we are the factory. There are no third-party factories, development or design firms or other outsourcing of any kind in the process. More than 1,000 Vanguard employees create the products and power the brand within our robust global operation. Every step of the process is orchestrated by Vanguard’s in-house R & D, production, administration, marketing and sales teams in Vanguard-owned and controlled facilities. This enables us to ensure standout product quality and to eliminate “middle men.” The result is great value for customers and the ability to react fast to opportunities.

Vanguard founders credit our success to the people across the globe, who have given supportive and valuable feedback about product features and price points over our three decades. This focus on listening to the market’s needs and wants has inspired us to create products with first-of-its-kind features, notable reliability and impressive price points.

The success of this can be seen by Vanguard customer reviews on leading websites such as Amazon and Trustpilot


Notable industry publications and media have consistently recognised our products’ quality and performance. We’re honoured to have earned top honours from the Technical Image Press Association, the Reddot design award, iF design award, the Industrial Designers Association of America, Gmark and other respected global associations.

Please find below some of the global product catalogues, but please note that not all products may be available in the UK:


Vanguard takes an amazing amount of pride in our customer service and support. To build the best possible photo and outdoor products means more than just designing and producing. We have to support them, and we do!

Vanguard Support Solutions Include:

  • Great Support Team – Good customer support starts with great employees
  • Providing a consistent experience through every single channel, whether it is through a dealer, on the Web, or through social media
  • Quick response times to all support related questions
  • A strong focus on quality and not quantity
  • The latest technology and tools to empower our teams
  • The best product warranties in our industry Focus on the people who sell and use our products is an extraordinarily important part of our culture.

Focus on the people who sell and use our products is an extraordinarily important part of our culture. Every day, our commitment to and respect for our customers and partners guides our decision making. As we introduce new products and grow our global reach, Vanguard will remain fully dedicated to high levels of integrity in all facets of our business.

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All proceeds from donations go directly to the ‘The Emily Collins School’ in Africa.