We have a milestone to celebrate!

Mar 19, 2021 | Building the Emily Collins School - Latest news

I have received a video (see below) and some photos from Martin Duhimbaze, the founder of Our Father’s House Ministries and, in this instance, project leader extraordinaire in charge of building the Emily Collins School in Kisoro, Uganda. The images show the challenges involved with undertaking a project like this in such a beautiful and yet remote area of the country. Most of the work is undertaken manually without the benefit of sophisticated automated machinery which is so commonly used here in the UK so I offer my congratulations and thanks to Martin and his team.

So what is the milestone? well actually there are two…

Firstly; It is entirely due to your generous hearts and kind donations that we have now reached the half-way point in our efforts to raise enough money to build the GROUND FLOOR.

Secondly; Martin is now able to buy the materials and, indeed, pay the workmen to keep building to complete the concrete slab to act as the roof to the ground floor and the base of a first floor in the future…

A further benefit is on the horizon too. As the guys and girls make the building more able to withstand the upcoming rainy season we may be able to start using a part of it while the builders crack on in other areas. I’ll post some photos of the inside at a later stage when there is something to see…We continually thank God for all his blessings and pray that we are able to rescue many children off of the streets and give them hope through the building of this kindergarten school, nursery, infirmary and community centre.

Please keep the vulnerable children and Martin and his team in your prayers. And, if praying is ‘not your thing’ please open your heart and your wallet to the plight of these children. Your donations, whether purely financial or through exchange for greetings cards, calendars, prints etc are the only way we can continue to make progress in building the Emily Collins School.For your continuing support I thank you and Bless you….

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All proceeds from donations go directly to the ‘The Emily Collins School’ in Africa.