Where better to go than Canada to get photos for the 2022 Calendars

Sep 24, 2021 | Building the Emily Collins School - Latest news

We’re working hard here in Campbell River, Vancouver Island to get photos for the 2022 calendars… If they are good enough they may even qualify for a new range of greetings cards too. It was getting dark as we made our way back from Toba Inlet and it had been a long day…We had gone in search of grizzly bears and been amazingly successful but then, Jack, our guide, spotted a pod of orca and we followed them at a distance until they ambushed a huge pod of, at least 100 strong, pacific white sided dolphins. Here are the dolphins completely unaware of the danger awaiting them and before the carnage began….

Meanwhile, the orca were getting ready for the attack……

It was fast and brutal as the orca attacked from below…

the Pacific White sided Dolphins made a run for it and most survived!

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